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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Application

What Is a VFD?

VFD stands for variable frequency drive. A pump without a VFD control will always run at full speed because its speed is synced to the frequency of the supply voltage, which is constant. However, a VFD control can vary the speed of a pump by changing the frequency (Hertz) of the supply voltage. This allows the pump to operate at various speeds and to smoothly change from one speed to another as needed.

VFD can be installed in new applications or retrofitted into an existing application.  Adding VFDs to your pumps will save you money on your electric bill because it will make your pumps run more efficiently. It will also eliminate the water hammer effects that you may now be experiencing. Additionally, equipment associated with your pump station along with your pumps will last longer because it will allow us to customize the pump to the conditions in your application.

Where Are VFDs Used?

VFDs can be added to almost any pump, including water booster pumps, sewer pumps, and storm drainage pumps.

They are especially efficient in situations where the flow, density, or viscosity of the material to be pumped varies from time to time because the speed of the pump can be controlled to match the variable demand placed on the pump.

What Are the Benefits of a VFD?

Because the speed of a pump can be controlled by a VFD, the flow rate of the material being pumped can be varied to suit the particular application rather than always being pumped at maximum velocity.

This saves money on your electric bill because the pump runs at a slower speed. This also reduces the amount of pump maintenance required and extends the longevity of your equipment.

Additionally, the smooth stopping and starting of the VFD-controlled pumps will eliminate water hammer effects.

Learn How VFDs Can Improve the Performance of Your Pumps

To learn more about VFDs and how your pumps could benefit from them, contact McNamara Pump & Electric today. We are experts when it comes to the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of pumps and VFD controllers. We would be glad to answer any questions that you might have concerning VFD pump controls and to further describe their applications and benefits.