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Sewage Pump Station Services San Diego

If you have a bathroom located below street level or below the elevation of a septic field on your property, there is a high probability that you also have a sewage pump station. If so, you should arrange for McNamara Pump & Electric to service the station on a regular basis to ensure its continued operation.

What Is a Sewage Pump Station?

Most sanitary sewer systems operate on a gravity principle. Sewer simply flows downhill from your home to the public sewer system located on the road right-of-way or to a septic tank on your property.

However, that is impossible for bathrooms located on lower levels, such as basements. In those cases, the sewer must be pumped up to the elevation of the public sewer or septic tank system.

What Does a Sewage Pump Station Consist Of?

A sewage pump station contains a pump along with a reservoir that holds the sewer to be pumped. It will also contain electrical wiring, float switches, controls, and plumbing pipes.

Some pump stations contain grinder pumps that grind the solids before the sewage is pumped


Why Is Sewage Pump Station Service Necessary?

If your sewage pump station fails to operate properly, you may experience a sewer backup. This could produce foul odors and possibly cause raw sewage to back up into your toilet or bathtub.

In severe cases, raw sewage might even overflow onto your floors. To prevent that from happening, each of the pump station’s components should be inspected on a routine basis and serviced or repaired as necessary.

Arrange to Have Your Sewage Pump Station Serviced Today

If it has been a while since you had your pump station serviced, you should contact McNamara Pump & Electric today. We would be happy to schedule a service call and answer any questions that you might have. McNamara Pump & Electric’s certified technicians are experts when it comes to sewage pump station service. We are fully licensed and insured and have been serving all of San Diego County since 1978.