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Booster Pump Station Services San Diego

Adequate home water pressure is needed for the everyday activities of showering, flushing toilets, washing dishes, and home irrigation. Inadequate water pressure will result in poor water pressure in showers and tubs, as well as toilets and sinks that are slow to fill. If you believe your water pressure is low, you should ask McNamara Pump & Electric to perform a water pressure test. If our tests reveal low water pressure, we can recommend solutions.

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Most commonly low water pressure is brought to the property by a city water supply.  In many applications, the city water supply is not providing enough water pressure (PSI) or volume (GPM) to modern-day standards.

If you are on a good pump system, typically the well will pump to the holding tank. Often gravity water flow from these holding tanks does not provide adequate water pressure. The holding tank often needs a pump to transfer water from the holding tank throughout the property to the house or irrigation. 

In either of these cases where the pressure is low, we can complete an inspection of your home’s water system to determine if your application is a good candidate for a booster pump station.

Booster Pump Stations

One possible solution to low water pressure is to install a booster pump station. As its name implies, a booster pump boosts or increases water pressure and flow. It does that in much the same way as a fan promotes airflow. Booster pumps are constructed of a motor, impeller, and inlet and outlet connections. Booster pumps must also be equipped with controls that tell the pump when to turn on and off. Most booster pump stations also contain a pressure tank and VFD controllers.

It is increasingly more frequent to see booster pump stations used to help increase the pressure and volume of indoor fire sprinkler systems when the city or well water supply falls short of the county fire requirements.

Booster Pump Station Service

Booster pumps contain moving parts that experience frequent use and poor water quality. Because of this, regular booster pump station service is required to keep the pump station operating efficiently.

If you have a booster pump, you should call McNamara Pump & Electric to schedule a booster pump station service. Perform diagnostic testing on the pump and motor, run a series of tests to ensure the system is working properly, and inspect the system for leaks.