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Preventative Maintenance

McNamara Pump & Electric can maintain all of your pumps on a periodic basis related to their frequency of use and the nature of the services they perform. Your pumps should be serviced a minimum of every 6 months; however, we do offer more frequent service if needed. When you’re a service customer you take priority, and receive discounted rates and other incentives.

If you have an existing pump station for:

  • Sewage
  • Storm Water
  • Dewatering (Ground Water)
  • Boosting water pressure for home
  • Boosting irrigation
  • Boosting fire protection

Then you know how important it is to keep those pumps operating properly. The last thing you need is for one of those pumps to fail at a crucial time. McNamara Pump & Electric offers preventative maintenance services designed to keep your pumps operating at peak performance levels.

Pump Maintenance Performed

Each time we visit your pump station site, we will perform the following services:

  • Check all aspects of the pump station to ensure proper operation
  • Inspect electrical wiring along with its amperage and voltage
  • Verify that the pump controls are operating properly
  • Look for and remove any bacterial buildup on floats and tanks
  • Clean and remove debris from floats and tanks
  • Inspect check valves and gate valves for leaks
  • Testing motors
  • Record all maintenance performed
  • Odor control
  • Flush the system
  • And much more…

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Necessary

Pumps have moving parts that wear out over time. Unless those pumps receive regular maintenance, they are susceptible to failure. Harsh environments could result in sewage backup, odors, flooding, loss of water, and countless other problems. Regular preventative maintenance keeps pumps operating efficiently and ensures the longevity of your pump station equipment.

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If you have pumps that you depend on for vital functions, you should contact McNamara Pump & Electric today to schedule our preventative maintenance services.

Our technicians are fully certified, and we use only the latest equipment and tools. Please visit our Service Membership page for information on the perks of membership and discounted rates or call 760-744-1895.

McNamara Pump & Electric is a family-owned business that has been providing unique pump services to the San Diego and Orange County areas since 1978.