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Providing Drainage & Dewatering Pump Station Services Since 1978

Drainage & Dewatering Pump Station Services

What Is a Drainage & Dewatering Pump Station?

A drainage & dewatering pump station consists of a holding tank and pumps designed to remove water from an unwanted area and pump it to a different location. Water often accumulates in areas where it is not wanted, such as a low spot on a residential lawn, a basement, a commercial parking lot, or a light well. Standing water can present a safety hazard and water damage, it must be removed. One of the best ways to do that is with a drainage & dewatering pump station.

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Types of Drainage & Dewatering Pumps

Although there are several types of pumps used for drainage & dewatering pump stations, the most common are submersible pumps.

Dewatering pumps (Ground Water) are used for pumping filtrated water that contains only a small amount of abrasive particles.  This could be water from a French drain or a bio-filter
Drainage (Storm Water) pumps are used for water that contains debris, sediment, or sludge.


Providing Drainage & Dewatering Pump Station Services Since 1978

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McNamara Pump & Electric provides a broad range of drainage & dewatering pump station services. We have the expertise to design, construct, operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair any drainage & dewatering pump station.

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