Yes, the pump station needs maintenance. Many pump station have different mechanical parts that need regular exercise. Depending on applications and condition the pump station may need maintenance anywhere from once a month to once a year. Most residential pump stations should be serviced every 4-6 months. Since pump stations are mechanical parts they need to be used regularly. Stations that go long periods of time without being used run into nuisance problems due to lack of use. This could result in unpleasant odors, frozen pump or valves and equipment prematurely aging due to lack of use. You get the most efficiency out of your pump station when it’s used routinely.

Please notice some products do say flushable. THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR THE PUMP STATION. Any material that is thick or is tough to pull apart should not go into your pump station. Learn more about what not to flush down the toilet.

Most pumps are fairly quiet and run for a short amount of time (30 seconds to 2 minutes) loud noises or long run times normally indicate the pump station is having problems. Service is required should this occur to your pump station.

No, but we do work on booster pumps, which are fed by well pumps.

You can silence this alarm by turning the toggle switch on the side (or front) of the control panel box to the “off/silence” position. The red beacon light will remain on after you silence it. The alarm indicates your pump station needs immediate attention. Please call our office at 760-744-1895 and we can dispatch a technician to service your station. In the meantime, try to limit water usage to avoid flooding of the tank.

There are a couple of reasons why this can happen:

  • If your pump station has not been serviced in at least 6 months, it might just need to be serviced. Call us at 760-744-1895 and we can schedule an appointment to have your pump station serviced.
  • If the sink, toilet, or shower connected to the pump station does not get much use, that could also cause odors. We recommend running COLD water in these fixtures for 15-20 minutes to cycle in fresh water. This sometimes helps with odors.
  • Adding granulated chlorine directly into the toilet will also help with odor issues.
  • Adding vegetable oil down the sink drains can also help with odors.
  • If odors persist, contact us at 760-744-1895.

Do NOT Flush!

In order to aid you in avoiding future problems with the sewage ejector pump system, we suggest the following: 

Please advise all tenants that the sewage system is designed to handle human waste and a moderate amount of toilet paper. 

Feminine products of any kind, including tampons and tampon applicators – even if they say “flushable” should never be flushed into the system. Cotton swabs, cotton ball, condoms, disposable wipes, razors, disposable diapers, baby wipes, cleaning wipes or paper towels, should NOT be flushed into the system. 

Using the toilet for trash disposal of paper goods, haircut trimmings, food, rags, plastic of any kind, etc, will cause the pump station to have problems or fail completely if the items are suctioned into the volute of the pump. 

Pouring of solvents, paint, paint thinner, grease, oil or abrasive chemicals can cause cord damage to the pump. 

If underwear or a rag is accidentally flushed into the system, call our office at (760) 744-1895 and we will send out a service technician that day to clean & service the system.